Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3

Today in class we discussed if helping France would be a good or bad idea. I think its a good idea. The class "discussion" turned into more of a debate kind of thing.. sorry Mr. Boyle. Debates are what I'm known for, it not that I ignore everybody else and refuse to listen to their opinion on the situation. Its just that I tend to be very opinionated, and I want everybody to know why I feel the way I do on a situation. Personally I love debates, I find the interesting and enjoyable.
On the topic discussed today, I felt that we should help the French, so what if the power has changed hands from the king to revolutionaries? First off we owe them for supporting us and helping us to win our Revolution. Secondly if France became more like us then we'd have more support and we "wouldn't be the only ones on the island" as Mr. Boyle put it. We were a new country and had our own problems, I understand that, but we need to make a name for ourselves. We need to do something to eliminate the idea that we were going to fail and somebody could easily take us over. Obviously there was the chance that the French could lose their war, but it is worth the risk to try and help them. Maybe there are limitations to the type of help we give them, such as actual people versus supplies, that would be understandable. The United States just can't sit back and let the world pass them by in this situation, we need to help somehow.

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  1. Don't ever apologize for having an opinion and expressing it. I would prefer to have the kinds of discussions that we did today. I think that it makes the events of history more real.