Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25

I'm sitting here watching the presidents state of the union. While watching it my Dad explained how for the first time in a long time the congress is mixed. They aren't sitting divided; republicans on one side, democrats on the other. For some reason I easily made a connection between this and slavery. A country divided, then over slavery, now over which party you are a part of. The issues may have changed, but have we? We will always disagree, there will always be those two definined groups. Compromise - I think that word needs to begin to describe our country more than it does now.

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  1. Compromise is certainly what our country is all about. The question that remains is which side is going to give up something or more as part of a compromise and are they willing to do it? The South was not willing to compromise on the issue of slavery, believing that it was their right as a state to determine what went on in their state. Have we really changed that much?