Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 8

Today is the 69th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The weird thing is that seems like so long ago, but all of my grandparents were alive that day... I don't know just a weird thought in my opinion. We also talked about the underground railroad. Whenever I think about that, I flash back to being terrified at 6th grade camp when we did the slave trade activity. We were pretending to be slaves trying to escape. We had counselors and teachers chasing us, and we had to hide and sneak out of areas. Yet that was just a game, nothing big... I don't think I could've handled being a slave trying to escape. Trying to put it in perspective just makes me realize more and more, it was never a game for them, it was never a joke. It was life or death, if you make it to the north life potentially, still dangerous but better; if you get caught who knows.. maybe being beaten maybe death, its just known it wouldn't be a good thing. I'm so happy Harriet Tubman and others were there to help the slaves escape, and I feel like that good will is starting to die down when it comes to today. Not neccessarily in the slave trade, obviously thats over. I'm talking about in giving to others. A family friend's house burnt down, and they lost everything. I've mentioned it to a few friends, some have just said "Oh.. well that sucks." Others have responded with, "Can I help in anyway?" There is a large difference between helping somebody recover from that, and from helping a slave to safety. But the underlining tone is the same, the want to help. When I found out, even though I've met the family once, and they are more friends with my parents than me, all I wanted to do was help. I got clothes together for their little girl, and looked around for coats and toys - Christmas is coming up so I figured toys would be useful. I don't understand how people are like Harriet Tubman are able to risk their lives to help others, while other people aren't even willing to donate their old clothes to help somebody out. We have changed a lot as a country over the years, I think some of the values members of the underground railroad had then, of wanting to help others need to be taken more seriously now.

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