Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 15th

  • Royal Proclamation - The colonists wanted to move West, but the British banned them for doing this by enforcing the Royal Proclomation. The colonist ignored the rules, and decided to move West anyways, this produced tension between the colonists and British.  This also unsettled the French and the Indians.
  • Stamp Act - The British needed more money to pay off taxes, they put a tax on stamps, among other things. The Colonists demanded to have a representative in Parliament, the Bristih refused. The Colonists responded by boycotting all English goods, eventually England had to lower the taxes on the Colonists.
  •  Boston Massacre - There had been a lot going on between Boston and England, and tensions had been high. American sailors had thrown snowballs at the British and after one guard had fallen off of his horse he shot into the crowd, 11 people were killed. Tensions became even higher than before, and British officers left Boston.
  • Boston Tea Party - American Colonists threw 15,000 pounds of tea was thrown into Boston Harbor. This showed the Americans were ready to stand up to the British. Resistance acts became more common.
  • Intolerable Acts - This was Englands way of punishing the Colonists for acting up. They used the Quebec Acts, closed Boston Harbor, The Boston Port Bill, basically the Colonists were on restriction. The goal of the Intolerable acts was to seperate the colonies, instead it seemed to unite them more so then they had been before.
  • First Continetal Congress - Was formed by the greatest men of that time to talk about the British Parliaments influence on the colonies and how they would respond to what was happening. They originally tried to be calm and collected about he situation but after Parliament continued to pay them no repsect the Americans began to prepare for war.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project. It was pretty cool and unlike any other I had ever done  before. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was I wish we had just been able to do the whole project in school instead of outside of school. Maybe split it into two class days in the computer lab, it really didn't take that long to finish it up. It was creative and entertaining, which is pretty awesome cause most projects aren't. Also getting to hear my classmates voices recorded was a whole new experience. I liked this project a lot, and would definitely be okay with doing more like it.

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